What is VertexMathematics?

Introducing VertexMathematics – the future of personalized learning for K-5 Math! Our state-of-the-art system adapts to every individual's needs, ensuring no student is left behind.

  • Adaptive Learning: Every assignment adjusts to a child’s grade level and areas needing attention, ensuring tailored, progressive learning.
  • Unified Dashboard: Parents, teachers, and tutors can effortlessly link with students, accessing real-time performance analytics that offer invaluable insights into each child’s academic journey.
  • AI-Enhanced Planning: Struggling to create the perfect lesson plan? Our AI does it for you. It crafts bespoke lesson plans based on your selection of clusters, standards, and preferences.
  • AI Homework Helper: When questions arise, our AI Homework Helper is there to guide students, simplifying complex problems and nurturing understanding.
  • Alpine Quest Diagnostic: Start every student on their unique path with Alpine Quest, a diagnostic tool that identifies their academic grade level and guides them to excel.
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Laptop Overview Dashboard

Diagnostic Assessment & Adaptive Learning

Dive into personalized education with our innovative diagnostic assessment tool. By completing a 12-question activity about three times a week, students can consistently calibrate and sharpen their skills, ensuring a focused learning trajectory.

Laptop Diagnostic Assessment

Beyond the diagnostic, we offer six tailored adaptive learning activities, each dedicated to a specific domain. These tools auto-adjust to a student's current grade level and identified areas of opportunity, ensuring learning is always relevant and challenging.

For Premium account users, the experience is elevated:

  • Assignment Control: Set due dates for these adaptive activities, providing clear direction and milestones. This approach not only embeds them directly into the student's profile but also fosters a structured academic journey.
  • Detailed Performance Analytics: Explore a granular view of a student's progress. With premium access, one can delve into specifics, shedding light on performance down to individual clusters.

AI Technology at VertexMathematics

Unveiling the pinnacle of personalized educational technology. Three AI-driven tools that cater to individualized learning, instruction, and development needs.

Experience the transformation of education through artificial intelligence. Our suite of AI tools is designed to intuitively cater to both educators and students, offering custom solutions and immediate assistance. Whether it's generating an in-depth lesson plan, assisting with homework, or curating child development strategies, our AI stands as an educator's ally and a student's trusted guide.

AI at the Heart of VertexMathematics:

  • AI Lesson Planner: Say goodbye to hours of lesson planning. With a few clicks, get customized lesson plans tailored to specific standards and clusters, letting educators focus on teaching.
  • AI Homework Helper: Offering step-by-step breakdowns of complex homework problems, our AI Homework Helper ensures students grasp concepts, fostering deeper understanding and confidence.
  • AI Child Development Plans: Harnessing individual performance data, our system crafts comprehensive two-week development plans, ensuring a targeted and efficient learning path for each child.
Laptop AI Technology

Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Unravel the power of data-driven insights with our cutting-edge Analytics Dashboard. Understand, evaluate, and optimize student performance, bringing clarity to the learning journey.

Laptop Child Dashboard

Our analytics dashboard brings visibility to every crucial detail. Get a comprehensive overview of the last 14 days' activity, understand the total study time, and ascertain average scores across all linked accounts.

Dive Deeper with Student Profiles:

  • Recent Activity: Stay updated with the latest undertakings of each student, ensuring you're always in the loop.
  • Personal Performance Stats: Detailed insights into each student's time management and accuracy provide a clear picture of their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Detailed Performance Analysis: Understand performance intricacies down to domains and clusters. This granularity offers an unparalleled perspective on student progress and learning trajectories.