Adaptive Learning for Third Grade

Welcome back to VertexMathematics, where our mission is to guide each student on a personalized mathematical journey. Today, we'll navigate through the Grade 3 Mathematics curriculum on our platform. Aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), our third-grade curriculum encompasses the following domains: Number and Operations in Base Ten, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Measurement and Data, Geometry, and Fractions.

Number and Operations in Base Ten

This domain lays the groundwork for understanding the base-ten number system. Here, third graders deepen their insight into place values, spanning units, tens, hundreds, and beyond. VertexMathematics curates questions that sharpen skills in identifying place values, rounding numbers, arithmetic up to 1,000, and multiplying one-digit numbers by multiples of 10, laying a solid foundation for more intricate mathematical explorations.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Building on previous knowledge, students in this domain excel in multiplication and division operations. The VertexMathematics platform offers word problems that incorporate all four arithmetic operations, further strengthening their grasp of patterns within arithmetic. This domain is pivotal in establishing a profound understanding of the operations and the reasoning behind them.

Measurement and Data

Diving deeper into measurements and data, third graders grasp the nuances of time, volume, and mass. They engage in word problems related to these units, learn to measure distances, and develop skills to estimate liquid volumes. Additionally, our platform facilitates their comprehension of data interpretation from charts and graphs, presenting a comprehensive view of the world of measurements.


In third grade, geometry transforms into an exciting realm of exploration. Learners delve into 2D and 3D shapes, gaining insights into their properties and classifications. With VertexMathematics, they engage in hands-on tasks centered around area and perimeter concepts and learn to partition shapes into equal parts, fostering their geometric intuition and spatial understanding.


Fractions in third grade delve deeper than just the basics. VertexMathematics facilitates learners in visualizing fractions as numbers, representing and comparing unit fractions, pinpointing equivalent fractions using models, and contrasting fractions with the same numerator or denominator. Through this domain, students are primed for advanced fractional studies in future grades.

Alpine Quest: Diagnostic Assessment

Re-introducing our celebrated diagnostic tool, Alpine Quest is at the forefront of evaluating each student's distinctive strengths and areas of improvement. With its advanced algorithms, it determines the precise academic level of every student, guaranteeing a customized learning journey on VertexMathematics. This individualized approach is a testament to our unwavering commitment to personalized education.

At VertexMathematics, we value the individuality of every student. Recognizing the distinct learning trajectory of each learner, we consistently aim to provide an educational experience that resonates with their unique pace and style. Join us in this journey, and be a part of the transformative growth of each student in their mathematical adventure.